26 May 2012

Part of me feels like the book is a complete disaster. While writing it I struggled because many of the mobile tools I wanted to use simply didn’t exist in Drupal 7 or they weren’t nearly mature enough to recommend to a development audience. 6-8 months later, they’ve all been updated and there’s big portions of the book that are either different or simply don’t apply. The drush set up is the big first one. Drush can now be installed from the PEAR repository with a few command line entries and drush make is included in the drush core. I have a couple of notes about the “upcoming drush 5” but after 5.2 was released this week, the instructions in the book seem particularly dated. Herein is the danger of committing anything to printed paper regarding web development: The industry moves at such a pace that it’s deprecated months after it’s printed. I’d love to take 3 months this summer and completely rewrite big portions of it, but there’s another part of me that says “Scrape your shoe and move on”.