18 May 2012

I go to the iHop in San Bruno a lot for breakfast on days when I work from home. It’s usually empty and quiet on weekdays.

I want the chicken and waffles, but instead of waffles, I want pancakes.” “I’m sorry, we can’t do that.” the iHop waitress said.

you can charge me extra, just substitute a short stack.

no,I’m sorry, we can’t do that.”

Um, you have chicken strips, right


what about pancakes

jes, we have the pancakes.

…Then put them together on a plate and serve them to me.

I can’t do that. It’s chicken and waffles. That’s the special.

Can I see your manager

He’s not here right now

Bullshit, let me talk to you’re manager.”

He no es here right now.

Ok, so you have a Chicken fingers plate, right


can you leave off the fries and bring me a short stack

oh, jes! Jes! That I can do.

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