27 May 2012

Sunday morning a week or so after the first incident, walk back into the same iHop in San Bruno.

I want the chicken and waffles, but instead of waffles, I want pancakes.”

“I’m sorry, we can’t do that.” the iHop waitress said.

you can charge me extra, just substitute a short stack.

no,I’m sorry, we can’t do that.”

Um, you have chicken strips, right


what about pancakes

jes, we have the pancakes.

…Then put them together on a plate and serve them to me.

I can’t do that. It’s chicken and waffles. That’s the special.

At this point, I get in the car and drive ten miles to the Denny’s in San Mateo. “Can I get the Chicken Strips dinner, but instead of sides I just want a short stack of pancakes.” “no sir, that’s the dinner menu. You can only get dinner sides.” How much power over the time/space continuum is required to create an order of chicken strips and add an order of pancakes to it

Waiter comes back several min later and let’s me know the manager ‘approved’ it. Apparently the manager has great power.