05 December 2001

Take one city who’s reputation for a party lifestyle is world-renoun. Make sure that you don’t add an Emergency infrastructure to ruin the rue. Mix in a corrupt police department that makes the LAPD look like Serpico. Add a median income lower than almost anywhere else in the United States. Mix in generous amounts of racism and class envy that plagues almost any city in the south. Add a black population that is actually larger than the white population. (a lot off times those two ingredients don’t mix well, but whip them until they are infused). Add institutional corruption of the political structures. Now you got your rue…

Add some chucks of governmental shifts that move FEMA to a “director” position away from a cabinet level position. Add a politically weak governor who won by only a handful of contested votes. Now add a FEMA director who has spent the better part of his career judging horse shows. Mix in some budge cuts to flood control programs in the area.

Now simmer for a year and serve over a category 4 hurricane.