05 December 2001

Chris rock made an appearance on Bill Maher’s show and made a very interesting point. He said a black man can’t just win, he has to significantly out gun, out smart and completely trounce his opponent in order for the win to be “legitimate.” Because… his words… “The tie goes to the white guy.”

Thinking about this election, Barack Obama is currently ahead in the polls and if he wants to win, I think that statement by Chris Rock rings true. Barack has to COMPLETELY TROUNCE John McCain in order for the US to accept his win as “legitimate.” Because the republicans have shown in past elections that they can take a tie or near tie and turn it into a win. Barack has to be better, stronger, faster, and more Presidential than the geezer in order for America to accept him as president. It’s sad, but true. And I think it’ll make him a better president once he gets there.