18 May 2005

So this is my attempt at blogging. We’ll see how it works out. My name is tom and I’m a 30-something living in St. Petersburg Florida. I consider myself gay as I am not attracted to woman in almost any way. I don’t particularly care for children, either… Although I have nothing against the well-behaved ones. I have absolutely no patience with people who do not understand how to use the technology they own and with people who do not keep their software up-to- date… Especially when those updates are free. Current iTunes purchases are the new aaron carter song, Saturday Night, COMEBACK by josh rouse FEEL GOOD, the new Gorillaz track, and come classic Cher - LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YA. If you don’t know what iTunes is, read no further and go to some other Luddite blog, because you don’t belong here. More later.

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