10 November 2011

So my first experience with Virginia traffic court was October 19, 2011. Got there early. Took my laptop bag in and it was promptly confiscated. Nothing with a camera is allowed in the building, which I find odd. They post the traffic dates on electronic boards as to which court you are in. Didn’t find my name posted anywhere and then realized my court date is for the 20th. Come back the next day and I had noticed a Denny’s on the way. Got their early enough for an all American slam before court. Parked and left all the electronics in the car. Found my courtroom and sat. And sat. 3 hours in, they called my name. The cop that pulled me over was there. The judge said to me “the charges against you carry the possibility of jail time. Can you afford a lawyer?” “no.” I answered. The judge sent to the room where you are eval’d to see if you qualify for a public defender. I didn’t. The judge made me sign a paper indicating my understanding that if I showed up without a lawyer the trial would proceed anyway. I left and hired a referral from a friend. $500. This past Saturday I went to the Arlington branch of the DMV to get my license. That branch was closed because the computer was down. The Chantilly branch was open until 6. Drove out to Chantilly in bumper-to-bumper traffic (yes, on a Saturday) waited in line for 45 min. Obtained the necessary forms and began filling them out. “do you wear glasses?” FUCK. Left them at home and I won’t pass the eye test without them. Drive back home (45 min, heavy traffic) get the glasses. Walk the dog. Back to DMV, same traffic. Finally obtained VA license about 2 hour later. I’m now sitting again at Denny’s on the way to meet my Asher before traffic court hoping I don’t get thrown in jail and turn into a criminal like Beecher from Oz.