09 May 2011

I keep having this conversation: “Why was this done this way?” “Because i had to get it out the door.” “But doing it correctly would have saved time.” “The client was screaming, it just needed to get done.” It’s an incredibly frustrating conversation every time I have it. I understand progressive knowledge. You do it the way you know to do it until you learn a better way. But these are seasoned developers who regularly turn out very mediocre work (or worse) and then defend it like they’ve created the next iPad. I’ve always told myself that in order to get better I need to be with people who are better than I am and be pulled kicking and screaming into excellence. Someone once told me the things that make you the most angry are the things you hate about yourself that you see in other people. I guess the reason i makes me so angry is because i’ve been guilty of doing it and I hate myself when I reflect on projects where i’ve done just that.