27 March 2011

Growing up, we were in church every Sunday. We were always rushing around trying to get ready and get to the church by a certain time. One of the benefits of being an adult is being able to chose what events you attend and which ones you don’t. And on Sunday mornings, I choose brunch. It’s not that I’m irreligious or hate god or the church. I don’t. I just like to carve out at least one day in a week where I’m not bound by a time-based schedule. My rebellion is not against the Almighty, but against the almighty clock. Relaxing at a restaurant drinking champagne cocktails at 10 am is the ultimate fuck you to time-based schedules. Brunch alone is thoughtful and introspective, but brunch with friends is the best. Talking about war, religion, politics letting the conversation and mood drift from topic to topic… Some of the best times I’ve had. I’m sitting, as I type, at Freddies Beach Bar in Arlington, Virginia and typing this on my iPad. The news, sports, and Sunday talk shows are on almost every TV in the room, but no one is paying any real attention to what is happening in the world at the moment. Today, it’s about brunch.