29 December 2008

I posted something on facebook about the sugar free reases peanut butter cups having a warning on them about a possible ‘laxative effect’ when eaten in excess. I hot a response from a friend about how she fed them to a kids party and all the kids had ‘the browns’ for a week. Closet cub posted something to the effect that that would be the only way ‘the browns’ could ever win the superbowl. I posted a response that it was ‘cute when he talked butch.’ well apparently that was over the line because he sent me this email on how my flirting was making him uncomfortable and he wasn’t comfortable with me hugging him in front of the restaurant the day before.

Oy with closet cases and their drama.

Thing is, I know where it comes from. I was there 10 years ago. In the words of Harvey Milk, “Come out come out wherever you are.”