28 December 2008

It was an ok party. I knew about half the people there. It was in one of those 50’s ranch houses that have been added on until the house just rambles like a scrabble board and seems to go on for days. I grabbed a glass of wine and wandered out into the pool area and a group of lesbians were over in the corner, smoking and talking facing the bay with the lights sparkling and reflecting on the bay in the damp Florida night. At the other end of the pool, a guy I knew was talking to a guy I didn’t. I crossed and began talking to the guy I knew. Smalltalk, nothing in particular. And then he wandered up. Cubbie. Cubbie and I talked about how he was campaign manager for the guy I ddn’t know sitting there and I pledged my support. Cubbie asked me if I was on facebook and I pulled out my iPhone and friended his candidate. Cubbie spent the next hour talking about nothing in particular and I really wasn’t listening because I was imagining him naked and what I would do to him when he was. After the party, I went home and tried to find him on facebook, but was unsuccessful.

The next morning I got a friend request from him. But in his profile it didn’t say he was gay. Had I misread the situation? I looked for clues in the list of favorite movies… Mama Mia AND wedding crashers… Damn. Mixed signals. Finally I just im’d him… ‘Are you gay?’ because I thought I sensed that. He explained that he wasn’t out to all his facebook friends so he didn’t have that information on his profile.

I asked him if he eaten. He said no, so we met at a local diner for brunch. He told me he was business partners with his two brothers and one is a conservative religious guy and he couldn’t alienate that brother right now because he was depending on that money to make it through grad school.

He’s adorable and smart. I have to get to know him better. He’s my little Closet Cub.