18 July 2007

so the roomate has a new boyfriend. He lives in Seattle. Really nice guy. For his birthday I promised the roomate a trip west. I’ve always wanted to see San Franciso and maybe the northwest. With the advent of the new boyfriend we now have a base of operations in Seattle. So Seattle Tom as I now call him to differentiate between him and avery other Tom in my life, Seattle Tom, goes every year to this gay summer camp outside Portland Oregon.
Now I’m a geek. A big one. And a queen. “roughing it” to me is lack of wi-fi. So I’m kinda reticent about the whole “camp” thing. Seattle Tom has encouraged me to go and, of course the roomate is going. So I’m thinking I might give it a try. Apparetly they have “dormatory-type” cabins which are heated by not air conditioned. …sigh… Who knows I might have fun.