20 January 2007

I’m driving home from meeting my mom in lakeland. We had both been trying to get together for a few weeks because “she had something to tell me.”

Earlier, when I got close to the restaurant, I text’d her that I was around the corner. She text’d me back that THEY were next door and would meet me at Sonny’s BBQ in 5 min.

I got there first and got a table and she and her new boyfriend came around the corner a few minutes later. It was awkward and I didn’t know what to say. She was trying to make conversation and it was a little lame. I was trying for her. During the course of dinner she told me she was getting married to “Bob” in March. I told her that I loved her and I wanted what’s best for her and if that’s what she thought was best then congratulations.

How do I feel? I have no idea. I don’t have strong feelings about her getting married. it’s her life and I don’t feel the need to tell her how to live it.

I do however, have strong feelings about the wedding… She’s like… we’re going to have it in our apartment and just make some sandwiches for the reception. i’m like…. uhhhh…… no. I gotta get out my fairy dust and work some magic.