07 January 2007

I’m sitting in my manager’s office and he’s reviewing candidates for programming positions and he tells me about a candidate resume. The candidate has has multiple employment references with the word “bible” in the title. It’s clear from the resume that the candidate is a conservative christian. He mentioned that the candidate had gone to a particular high school… MY HIGH SCHOOL.

My boss decided not to interview him making the assumption that because he was a conservative christian that he would have a problem working with the Gay, Lesbian, Seek, Muslim, Rasta and multi-national programmer staff. In this case, working in a sheltered environment of the christian culture worked against this candidate in getting a job in corporate america.

I don’t know how I feel about this decision. The largest part of my feelings say that he’s RIGHT… coming from that culture I know how intolerant some christians can be. But I also know how loving and accepting others can be…. you know… the closeted homos who smoke meth with a rent boy on sat night then sing in the choir on sat AM.