06 January 2007

We’ve all been there… a drive-thru line that’s just not moving… here’s how to hold someone responsible for their service…

So it’s saturday afternoon during our January Floridian heat wave and I decide I’m hungry for a Quarter-Pounder. So I drive to the St. Pete McDonalds on 34th Street North, and if you’ve ever been to this McDonalds, you know that anything other breakfast and you get HORRIBLE service…. it’s extremely slow in the drive-thru and almost as slow inside. I place my order at the intercom and the line is not moving so I sit there a while and finally get to the pay window. The chick at the pay window takes my money and thanks me and she’s not rude. So anyway i’m waiting so long, my car’s thermostat goes up, so I shut off the engine. As i’m still sitting by the pay window I can see inside that the cashier is talking on the phone with her back to the window. At this point there’s like 15 people in the line wrapped around the restaurant. So i’m a little irritated that she’s talking on the phone when she could be doing SOMETHING productive to get some of these people taken care of. So I pull out my camera phone and take a picture. She’s immediately realizes that i’ve taken her picture. She opens the window and asks me if I’ve taken her picture. I of course tell her yes I have. She asks me why, I say so when I tell McDonald’s corporate about the consistently horrible drive-thru times I can have something else to show them. She’s like, it’s not my fault you’re food’s taking so long. I’m like, i’m just sayin… with 15 people in the drive- thru… should those waiting customers really see you on the phone? She tells me, “I hope you got a good one.” I assure her I did. She closes the window. She disappears into the restaurant. She reappears a few seconds later with my food and says… “there you go Mr. Food Police.”

So I think I’m going to start a blog about poor service and take camera phone pics, because this seems to be the way to get better service.

And I may just call it Mr. Food Police.