30 August 2005

The near total devastation in Louisiana and Mississippi is horrific and it brings me to tears every time I think of it, so I’m going to ask this question:

At what point do we say “Enough.” and call it a total loss?

The idea that a city would be built lower than the body(ies) of water that surround it in a region known for violent, catastrophic storms is ludicrous.

New Orleans culture marks it as a beautiful city…. A city worthy of existence…. A city that deserves to be built ABOVE SEA LEVEL!!!

At what point do we move the whole thing to the other side of Lake Poncetrain and start over?

I don’t know…. I’m asking…?

At what point do we as a country, hug New Orleans and say, “Sweetie, it was fun the 300 or so years it lasted, but now, it’s 25 feet underneath the Gulf Of Mexico. Cry your eyes out; Pack what’s left of your belongings and let it go.