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Drupal 7 Mobile Web Development Beginner's Guide

by Packt press (ISBN-13: 978-1849515627)

2014 - Present Anki, Inc.

Address: 55 Second Ave, 15th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

Supervisor: Tom Eliaz

Maintain Drupal marketing and commerce site using standard LAMP stack and Acquia's drupal hosting product. Moving toward a "headless Drupal" model where front end is ReactJS/Flux ES6 classes and backend is Drupal 7/8 served by Phip 5.6/7.0x. Integrate magneto Ecommerce website with Drupal 7/8 using Magento's REST API.


Keywords: Drupal, PHP 5.x, MySQL, Linux, Drupal distribution, D7, D8, Puppet, Bash, Jekyll, Node.js, React.js, Flux/Redux.js, pantheon, acquia, cloud hosting

2011 - 2014 Apigee, Inc.

Address: 10 South Almaden Avenue, San Jose, CA 95113

Supervisor: Mike Gardner

As a developer with 15 years of experience I inherited a PHP—based Drupal 6 product poorly architected and minimally maintained. I Architected a PHP-based Drupal 7 migration and Created, Managed, Maintained and Upgraded 100+ Drupal-based developer portal websites eventually leading a team of 10 developers. We originally launched on AWS-based servers and managed them via Puppet scripts and a Jenkins instance. We then migrated to Pantheon's Drupal cloud hosting solution. Created open-source PHP-SDK to access API Management Product to Create, Manage and Monetize REST APIs with node.js integration. We also explored Jekyll-based solutions to developer portal and integration with compiled HTML as well as a couple of Node.js CMS options.


Keywords: Drupal, PHP 5.x, MySQL, Linux, Drupal distribution, D7, D8, Puppet, Bash, Jekyll, Node.js, pantheon, cloud hosting

2010 - 2011 REI Systems, Inc

Address: 45335 Vintage Park Plaza, Sterling, VA 20166

Supervisor: Amit Yadav

Architected, Developed, managed and maintained Drupal-based websites for federal government contractor


Keywords: Drupal, PHP 5.x, MySQL, Linux, D6, D7

2009 - 2010 Self Employed

Architected, Developed, managed and maintained CMS based websites

Keywords: Drupal, eZPublish, PHP 5.x, MySQL, Linux, D6

2007 - 2009 Healthplan Services

Address: 3501 Interstate 275 Frontage Rd E, Tampa, FL 33607

Supervisor: John Raises

LAMP stack software development. DB2, eZPublish, PHP 4.x, MySQL, Linux server administration, basic shell scripting

Keywords: PHP 3.x, PHP 4.x, eZPublish, MySQL, Linux

2002 - 2007 IntelliGeneration

Supervisor: Ross Reback

Database-driven web sites using PHP, MYSQL and integration into Flash MX and ActionScript 2. Expert flash web site design for challenging Clients. Web site design work includes, but is not limited to:,,,,,,, Proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, Mac, PC, and Red Hat Linux server administration.

Keywords: PHP 3.x, PHP 4.x, eZPublish, MySQL, Linux

2000 - 2002

E-Commerce website based on standard LAMP Stack. Used PHP and MYSQL along with to complete online e-commerce applications.

Keywords: PHP 3.x, MySQL, Linux

1999 - 2000 The Coast Group

Web and print design for Tampa Bay area clients.

1997 - 1999

ECommerce website for used Macintosh equipment to education market.

1995 - 1997 Self Employed

Various clients in Nashville metro


1991 Bachelor Of Computer Science

Trevecca University, Nashville, TN

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