12 October 2017

When I was in school, I never did well in Psychology. It never made sense to me. When you line up the inputs, I could never make sense of the outputs. Math always made more sense because the equation was always balanced. The left side must always equal the right side. With psychology it was like they were saying two plus two equals jello. That’s why when some people are critical of your writing and they use words like “clunky plot”… what about the plot makes it “clunky”? I’m struggling to understand what about my writing is not making sense to the people that read it. That one day where they explained all of this in class… that was the day I was home with a stomach bug.

I didn’t get in to the Warner Brother’s TV Writing program. Like I said, I never imagined I’d get in the first time I entered. Unfortunately, they don’t give you feedback about what they didn’t like about your script so I have no way of knowing whether the whole script was flawed or I just didn’t get recognized because of some small technicality.

“We don’t know what we’re looking for but this isn’t it. Do it again.” Always a frustrating response to anything you do.

Someone once told me “Nobody fails in Hollywood. They just stop trying to succeed.” At what point do I decide that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze? I don’t know. But I’m certainly not giving up after one or two rejections.

I paid to have a reader read another one of my scripts and they described the plot as “clunky.” I need more instruction. I need more inputs. I need more people showing me where the gap exists.

Not sure right now where I’m going to get that information. Asking for input on anything like this makes me feel so vulnerable and needy.

(dramatic sob)