10 March 2014

I’ve been laid off before. In 2009 I was laid off by HealthPlan Services. A couple of things strike me about this situation. First, how many more open positions are out there than there were in 2009. In less than a week I had multiple interviews and a few more schedule. I had multiple recruiters calling me with open positions and tons of results showing up online. Two reasons: 1. the economy’s better. 2. I’m living in the technology capital of the universe.

Second, It occurs to me how much less the Silicon Valley firm gave me in severance. It might have been a realization that the moment I got laid off in 2009 was the same time THE REST OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE got laid off, but Healthplan was gracious enough to give me like 3 months of severance. I got considerably less from Apigee. After two years. I joined the company when there were about 50 employees. Two and a half years later, there are now approximately five hundred employees. As to work environments, there’s no question of Apigee being a superior employer in every measurable way except for this. I just found this one thing odd.

But it might be a realization that there are, indeed, a TON of jobs available locally and the average job search in our industry is 2-4 weeks. But still… Anywho, not complaining. I got enough money to survive on until I’ve gotten an offer. And the way the interviews are going, that should be any day.

And I’m eligible for a lot more unemployment than Florida. In California, it’s like $475/week. In Florida, it was about $275/week. So there’s that. Of course my rent is DOUBLE what it was in Florida and unemployment only barely covers it.

Its also really cool the TYPES of jobs i’m being offered. Everything from strictly project management to DevOps.

good times and bad times, i’ve had them all and my dear i’m still here.

-from “I’m still here”