02 April 2013

i no u

when we were in school

u said u wouldn’t tell

but u did

i no u

when we were in love

u said u wouldn’t run

but u did

i no u

when we were in church

u said u would love

but u couldn’t give


at least anything that would make a difference

is it prejudice

2 believe in ur lack of vision?

is it hate

2 no u eye unseen?

i no ur way

u r 2 double minus signs

at the end of every name

u subtract everything

when u speak its to say “no”

when u look, it’s to not go

when u leave its because u’re too slow

we’re running and u’re laggin behind

in ur mind

we’re shining and u’re hidin in the rain

behind a name

we’re gonna to fly and u’re the one

with ur face to the back of the bus


he didn’t no what we no

he didn’t see what we see

the things we imagine

the things we create

the things we conceive

will come to be

but u can’t see


i no u