24 October 2011

In May of 2010 I moved from St. Petersburg, FL to Arlington, VA for what, at the time, was a six month government contract. The contract was with a Reston, VA company so every day I had to make the commute from Arlington to Reston and back, the most direct route being the Dulles Access Toll Road. After a month or so I started, for convenience, changing my address on services and utilities to receive the bills at my Virginia address. Once such address change was my car insurance. What I did not realize was that by changing my address on the insurance, Florida would suspend my plates and driver?s license for not having insurance on a car I owned that was registered in the state. On one commute home, I was stopped by a Toll Road Airport cop for an illegal lane change. I was told that I didn?t have a valid plate or a valid Florida license. My car was towed at a cost of over $600 and it cost me another $100-ish to get Virginia plates in order to get the car out of tow. Meanwhile, I couldn?t get a Virginia driver?s license because I had a suspended license in Florida. Once I turned my Florida plate in, my Florida license was reinstated, but I now had $1500 worth of tickets in Virginia and Virginia had suspended my Florida license from driving in Virginia. Meanwhile, in order to pay the $1500 in tickets, I still had to get to work in Reston every day. When I received my Virginia plate, I only received the sticker for the year of renewal. They never sent me the month. About halfway through paying off the Virginia tickets, I was stopped again by the Toll Road Police for not having the month sticker on my Virginia plate and the officer told me my driving privilege was suspended from a ticket for having a suspended license so i now had a ?driving without a license, second offense? and he would require me to appear in court. I showed up for my court date and the judge informed me that a second offense carried with it the possibility of jail time and I needed a lawyer. My court date is Nov 17. With God as my witness, I will never drive the toll road again.