19 May 2010

Fast forward almost 3 weeks later and i’m in a new apartment in DC and off to a great start at the new job. Lots of change in a very little time, Yea, I know. Before I left I bought a Sprint 3G/4G Overdrive hub. DC is one of the cities where sprint has 4G coverage and I gotta tell you, the service is spectacular. The Sierra Wireless hardware, not so much, but the signal is great. The only place you really notice it’s not cable is on download speeds. Everything else seems pretty zippy and I’ve had no issues whatsoever doing web dev on the road with it. It’s serving as my primary internet access until I can get cable installed… and get a TV… sigh… first paycheck is due any day. Can’t come soon enough. Picked up a Flu bug somewhere in my traveling and i’ve been sick as a dog for the past week or so. Second flu/cold/croup of the last 6 months. Really sux. Can’t stop coughing. I’ll talk more about the projects i’m working on in a later post, but suffice to say most of them are government projects and the projects are primarily Drupal-based. Yea, I know drupal sucks, but I hope to convince them of how great eZPublish is after I win their trust theming Drupal sites. Found a great apartment in a high-rise in Crystal City… The Bennington. Wanted a 1BR, but all they had was a studio. Hope to move up to a 1BR after 90 days, but the studio is fine now, considering all my stuff is still back in Florida. It’s a six month contract-to-perm, but I hope to convince them they can’t live without me and go perm before the contract ends. The firm has some really great people working there. So far none of them hate me, but it’s early in the relationship :-). One of the bars has a “bear happy hour” on Fridays. Fantastic meet & greet. I’ll definitely be going back.