14 May 2009

As I may or may not have shared, i’m on the board for St. Petersburg Gay Pride and a few weeks back, the board was asked to provide some chaperones for the Pinellas GSA Prom. I volunteered. I can’t explain what made me want to do it. And I can’t explain the emotions I’m feeling leading up to it. Every time I think about those kids having so much more information about who they are… information I would have killed to have at that age… They have it easy. And harder. Does knowing who you are make the unkind things that schoolmates say any easier to take? I’m proud of Pinellas County. Pinellas has the highest percentage of school-sponsored GSA’s in the state of Florida and is in the top 20 in the nation. Wonder what the theme will be? I hope it’s something really cheesy. Mine was Billy Joel’s “This is the Time to Remember.” I can’t wait to go. And yet i’m dreading it.