27 April 2009

So I’ve picked up some freelance projects and the question now becomes, ‘what do you want from your next job?’ First of all there are two basic directions I can go with web development: front and back end. The Front End / JavaScript / HTML track is straight UI design. There aren’t that many companies that focus that solely on user interface design or have an online product that they spend big bucks on a developer to just do interface work. They’re out there, but they’re few and far between. The PHP track takes me back to where I was… HealthPlan’s obsessive focus on where the brackets go in code. Back end only coders, in general produce really horrible interfaces. Some of the HPS online products are testiment to that fact. They would prefer all interaction take place through a green screen of a dumb terminal. And then there’s Rails. For me, rails development is this whites only club and I’m Florida Adams from Good Times. I love developing in Rails but I don’t have enough live project work to get a good Rails position. So what do I WANT to do? I have no idea. I really let myself want to move to denver and i didn’t get the job. It was very disappointing and I think I would have liked living there for a while. I think that until I figure out what I want, I’m going to just persue project work.