25 November 2008

In the first part of Tony Kushner’s masterpiece “Angels in America”, subtitled “Millennium Approaches”, the world is running down, everything is becoming empty and man as a creation is out of creative ideas. I feel that acutely now. With so many corporate failures and so many companies on the verge of bankruptcy asking for governmental handouts, it seems the baby boomers leading American companies have led us to our doom. We are an empty cistern of ideals. With no imagination we are trustifarians living on a credit card tied to the hard work and accomplishments of our forefathers.

I believe in rain. I believe in renewal. There’s always a second act…. a Part II. Perestroika … the new openness… is coming. We shall be renewed. Good ideas will come and we again will be led by a progressive leader.

I have to believe. Please don’t let us down, President Obama.