16 July 2008

Ok, so I went to get my iphone 3g today and was told that not only would I loose my discount on my WLAN card but I couldn’t be upgraded in an Apple store because my account was a “Business” account. Ok, Setting aside the complete irritation of walking into a store and not being able to walk out with what I cam in to buy, I now have to deal with the slimy AT&T; commission sales team who couldn’t be bothered to stop the car if they were driving over me if it meant they weren’t getting any money out of the deal. So Edward gets home and we decide to change our account away from a business account to a “personal” account.

I call AT&T; “Customer service” and after being cut off 2 different times I finally reached an operator that would “fill out a ticket” to have my account converted which would take up to 72 hours to complete by a department to which, I couldn’t not have the number to dial them directly. WFT?????? How is this in any way shape or form “Customer Service”?

Sweet jesus this is so freekin annoying.

UPDATED… ok, so now my account has been converted from business to standard account but the Apple Store at International Plaza is sold out of iPhones. The universe conspires against me.