10 June 2008

The foundation of all I believe in, politically speaking, is smaller government and lower taxes and having government focus on the infrastructure needs of its citizens and allow the citizens themselves create the world in which they want to live.

For as much as Senator Obama is not a “small government” senator, neither is McCain. Do you for one second think that electing McCain will lead to any serious reform in the Pentegon’s corrupt purchasing practices? Do you think that McCain will streamline government using technology when the man can’t check his own email and has trouble using the word “technology” without the word “new-fangled” in front?

Do you think for a minute that McCain will offer early retirement to thousands of government workers who are nearing the age and then delete their positions to decrease the load of federal employees on the tax base when he, himself should be retired to a condo at Sun City Pheonix. Ladies and gentlemen, the republican party is in need of an enema. Clean out the shit ….and feed it some ruffage. It’s got the smell of old people. They’re still focused, generationally on the arguments of the last century. Abortion, Evolution, Racism, Internet Porn… let them go down in flames declaring that the internet should be policed by the government “to protect our children”.

I’m voting for the young guy… the guy who actually knows what text messaging is and is and posts almost every speech on You-Tube for the world to hear. He may not be philosophically what i’m looking for, but I think he’ll make a good president. I’m putting my full support behind Barack Obama.

I’m tired of Baby Boomers and their silly fear of technology. I’m tired of the arguments of 50 years ago shaping the political debate. I’m tired of politicians who believe that they are the only ones who can help america… yes, i’m talking about you Hillary. I’m tired of the politics of racism. While I know most of those are with us for some time to come, electing Senator Obama will go a long way to put to death the era of baby boomer politics and… for better or worse… usher in whatever is next.