30 March 2008

or, alternatively titled: “There’s no such thing as bad press.”

Throughout the next few months as Hillary and Barak duke it out for the Democratic nomination, there are many who say the scuffle is “bad for the party” and “one of them needs to give in”. I couldn’t disagree more.

I think what’s bad for the party is monolithic politics with no opportunity for one citizen to make any sort of a difference. The idea that any one vote can make all the difference in the world has reinvigorated the democratic party in ways no candidate ever could. And despite polls that say voters on either side of the current battle “will hold their nose” and vote for McCain if their candidate looses is complete rubbish. Hillary voters are never going to vote to elect Bush II and Obama voters are not going to vote for a pro war candidate.

Allowing this battle to continue to it’s conclusion at the convention is going to lead to one thing and one thing alone. More camera time for both candidates. The question is framed as not whether to vote Democrat or Republican but which democrat to vote for. And That’s a question thats a popularity no democrat has enjoyed in my lifetime.

Barak and Hillary… Keep arguing. Keep having good weeks and bad weeks. Maintain your position on the issues and by all means FIGHT. It will not leave you bloodied for the general election, on the contrary, it will make you (Cue the Kanye…..) stronger.