15 August 2007

The iPhone broke. Yea, I know its a $500 phone. Its not supposed to break. But it did. There’s a dead spot on the touch screen. And it’s in the area where most of the dialogs appear. ok, in the phone’s defense, it was a shitty day. Electronics for some reason are especially subject to the whims of the universal flux… when you’re having a bad day, your electronics know and have a tendency to malfunction more often.

I talked to a friend on the way to work, threw the phone in my pocket and somehow my voicemail password either changed or got screwed up in the phone’s memory because it asked me for my voicemail password and the “ok” and “cancel” buttons were right in the dead spot… so I could enter the password, but couldn’t hit “ok” or “cancel.” Very frustrating. So I called apple and their sending me a loaner and going to repair my phone, but it’s just irritating I have to go through this with a $500 cell phone.

Oh, well…. Boddingtons Ale makes life livable and I took the Sim card out and put it back in my old samsung which gladly accepted the opportunity to be useful again.