07 August 2007

So I guess i’m over my mini-meltdown after the death of my dog. Or maybe it wasn’t that mini… But whatever. My life is back to its normal work-a-holic baseline and my days again are filled with endless projects at work I can never hope to finish and the prospect of a vacation coming up labor day weekend.

The politics at work are a constant distraction. It’s such a shame that people feel like they have to connive and scheme to get what they want. There really isn’t any more to say about that.

After hearing a boatload of horror stories about portland, OR i’m kind of wary of taking a trip down there while we’re in Seattle. Oh, well… Its only a few days. Looking forward to getting out of town.

I don’t really blog specifically about apple that often bexause there are so many other blogs who do a much better job than i at covering apple news, but i gotta tell ya it feels like chistnas morning every monday i go to bed and kniw there’s an apple event the next morning. I can’t wait to see what they introduce.