22 July 2007

They say the things that make you the most angry are the things you see in other people that you hate about yourself. I get angry when people don’t have the balls to give you bad news. I had to put my dog, carson down. Thing is, I knew it was cancer. My EX vet who I don’t recommend anyone use for anything other than yearly shots, she did all kinds of tests 6 months ago and I think she knew then it was cancer but was like… we need to do this test and we need to do that test and $500 later…. still no diagnosis.

I went to the 24 hour clinic on 22nd north. The vet took one look at Carson and said, I could do a bunch of tests to confirm it, but that dog has cancer and it’s only going to get worse. You need to euthanize him before it gets any worse.

I hate it when I can’t give people bad news.

I never want to do that to anyone.

Goodbye carson. I love you. God, please care for carson, he’s my baby doggy and I love him.