18 March 2007

Just saw 300 at the IMAX theatre at Channelside. i recommend that you see this movie in IMAX. Great visuals. Good story. I find it fascinating that Iranians are outraged by it as they believe it was produced by the government as a justification for going to war with Iran.

My esteemed Islamic colleagues in Iran, First let me make 2 points. The current situation in Iraq makes it clear that this government needs no reason, justification or public support to go to war with any country. Second, this movie, in the states is targeted at 15 year old boys who, unfortunately, do not associate the word “persian” with Iran ( the word “IRAN” doesn’t appear in the movie) and, in point of fact, most people under the age of 30 in this country do not watch the news and unless they have a friend from that area of the world, most believe that you’re arabs. Believe me, if we go to war with Iran, it won’t be because of a movie.