28 February 2007

[photo: James Garnett Jr]

So i’m watching Gilmore Girls and I open the laptop and on the front page of the St. Pete times, there’s Nadine Smith getting arrested in Largo.

So I flip over to bay news 9 and I find that this poor Transsexual man that’s a city manager for Largo is being lynched before the Largo City council. And as i’m watching, a new face has appeared on the horizon of Pinellas county… Largo’s Mayor Pat Gerard. She defended the city manager with common sense and intelligence.

Mayor Gerard and City Manager Stanton, you are my heroes. Support Equality Florida. Nadine, if I was a Lesbian, we’d be picking out china at Dillards. I love ya.

update: 9:40: FORMER city manager stanton. They just fired him. Commissioner Black and Vice Mayor Whatever your name is, you are evil personified.