22 February 2006

ENOUGH! I’ve seen enough rapper’s with gold teeth, gold chains and a 3rd grade education singing about their Corvosier and Orange soda lives. I’ve had enough of Kanye West’s faux political activism and federal-budget-sized ego. I’ve had enough of pre-pubescent boy bands singing songs manufactured in the basement of a record label and marketed to 12 year old girls. With Brittany stuck in Malibu with her money vacuum boyfriend and Christina and Whitney nowhere to be found, I turn my soul, at last, back to my first musical lover… Rock and Roll.

If you haven’t already realized it, Rock is back… and thank Ozzy, we sure did miss her while she was gone. Greenday has multiple Grammy’s for their Tour-de-force, anti-establishment “American Idiot”, arguably the most political album of the last 20 years. With new acts like Shinedown Shinedown
and Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand and resurgent acts like Staind Staind Rock and roll and the Rock Singer/Songwriter genre is seeing a resurgence in both sales and cultural influence.

Here in the bay area, an icon is seeing some new talent… Clearchannel is rubbing the dust off 98 Rock. They’ve updated the playlist and the morning spot previously held by Trailer Trash Bubba the Love Sponge has been vacated to The Cowhead Show. Cowhead is a great guy and a talented radio host. If you haven’t listed in, give it a try.