17 November 2005

A Story on the Gay News Bog about Georgia’s Baptist Convention disbanding a Gay student group at Mercer University caught my eye. Then There was this story about the North Carolina Baptist Convention voting to “oust” any church that affirms a Homosexual member. Can the Christian community really be so short-sighted that they want a Homo-free church? Are the thologues only going to be happy when all Christians are so burned-out on religion that they would never set foot in a church… the state of gays in America is analogus to the samaratins of old to which Jesus said: “Are you tired? burned out on religion? Come to me and I will give you rest. Take my identity upon you and learn from me. I will bring peace to your soul.” It greives me when I see the church beat up on its gay members, but i have to remember that it’s really nothing new.