04 October 2005

Ok, here’s the other thing that really bothers me about the Right’s reaction to this nomination. Based on my 30+ years in churches all across the south, I can almost without exception say the focus of most churches are young couples with kids. That’s where the money of the church gets spent, that’s where the emphasis and most organization occurs. I believe that much of the far right criticism of Harriet Meirs comes from the fact that she didn’t settle down with 2.3 kids and have a husband and a traditional family. Not to state the obvious here, but all church have demographics that say that the United States is increasingly single. They (and by they, I mean Doctor Dobson and his Theologue hoard) see her as a threat to families simply because she doesn’t have one and that to me is just wrong… even if she is a carpet muncher, which (allegedly) she is.

That’s just sad.