27 September 2005

So i’ve been playing with this itunes phone (The Motorola ROKR) for over a week now and i think i’m finally getting used to the keyboard.

Its an interesting transition from the blackberry, although I did have the nokia in between.

This phone is not a “smart phone” in any sense of the word. The reminders and alarms are not meant in any way to replace a PDA.

I had a Moto Startac, V60, a 505 and a 550. Motorola has improved their software in both network reception and making their predictive text software much more accurate over the 505/551 series. The GSM signal is much more solid and I have more bars in places where my 551 failed.

The reviews I read seem to all be disappointed that the phone itself is “no ipod” but I didn’t have any expectation that it would be. Both software and hardware are no where near as graceful.

I may return it before my 30 days is up for a Nokia 6682.