21 August 2005

I believe that God created the universe as a place of order and not chaos. I believe that even in the universe’s so-called “chaos” that God’s order exists and can be seen.

For every action in the universe there is an equal and opposite reaction.

-Sir Isaac Newton

The order that Sir Isaac Newton described so many years ago applies to universe in science and sociology. Governments and leaders all around the world seem to go about their business without an understanding of this most imprint principal. Karl Rove as voiced by President George W. Bush crafted a strategy where they took what was, in most American’s mind, a non-issue…. Gay Marriage, and made it the centerpiece of their campaign for the presidency and now the pew research center is documenting what Sir Isaac Newton could have told them was inevitable. The GLBTQ conscious asked America if we could get married. They said no. We said “Why?” They didn’t have a good answer. And now the arena of ideas is making the case for same-sex marriage in America.

In Darfur, Arabs are committing genocide in the name of Allah and the Islamic faith. The ordered universe that an infinitely powerful and knowlegable God has set up will not abide imbalance. There will be a reaction. And it will be equally as devastating as they action they began. I believe this.

I believe in God. I believe in his created order.

I don’t however believe that the world is only 4000 years old and God created the world in seven literal days.

Scientists have discovered through investigation that the earth appears to be over 100 million years old and in that time period has gone through many changes. They can not explain why these changes began nor can they explain why out of all the places in the universe, we came to exist here.

I can’t help but believe that a God who exists outside of time and space directed our evolution to create the society and civilization in which we live. I can only speculate as to his motives, but I believe, at least partially, it was driven by a simple desire to create. As someone who believes himself to be “creative” and in a “creative profession”, I believe the CREATOR desires to create and watch his vision produce new an interesting things.

I believe that this Creation VS Evolution bullshit is just another wedge issue poiticians want to use to divide us from each other because they’ve done the demographics and more people believe strongly in one way versus the other. Just like gay marriage, it’s a fake issue and has not practical relevance to politics and American life. It seems odd that a nation that was so united on September 11th would now be divided by something so stupid as gay marriage and evolution…. again, Newton’s Third Law bites us in the ass…

I won’t be baited into that debate. And if the Democrats were smart, neither would they. They would create a vision that looks toward the future and the world they hope to create.

Too bad they aren’t that smart.

I watched the movie Kinsey today and was struck at how telling it really was. These Republicans really are the same guys who conducted the witch hunts for Communiststs in America. They believed that Kinsey’s research into sex was something that funneled money into the communist party and subverted society.

These Republicans are, to use Kinsey’s words, “the forces of chastity.” How else can you explain a normally sane man like Bill Frist advocating abstinence only education when every piece of scientific data says that teaching abstinance only doesn’t work. Look at the teen birth and STD rates in Lubbock alone!

I campaigned for this guy in Tennessee. I respected him and, as a doctor, for him to irresponsibly cast aside pure science in exchange for the politics of chastity… it’s equivalent to Al Gore’s switch on abortion and Tipper’s resignation from the committee on values when Bill Clinton nominated Al. It’s a total betrayal of self and political will.

I’m disappointed with my party. I’ve been disappointed for a long time. And every headline only deepens my malaise. The “.xxx” tld, of which I wrote earlier, all the spending, the increases in government control through the patriot act, President Bush’s completely abandonment of his social security privatization plan… Where is the Republican party who made a contract with america to reduce the size and influence of government? Where are the tax cuts and complimentary budget cuts? What ever happened to the party that advocated “states rights”?

And why is the Democratic party not calling them on it? Please guys, nominate someone who is a true viable candidate and i’ll vote for you. Give me another indecisive gigolo married to ZaZa Gabor and a trial attorney and I swear I’ll hold my nose and vote for the Theologues again. Your candidates make the Bushes look normal.