18 August 2005

So in January, Edward, his mom, Me and my mom consolidated our phones onto one Cingular account and we have yet to get a bill that is correct out of the envelope. Edward goes though this monthly ritual where we call, get put into the Bermuda voice-mail triangle that is Cingular customer service and then argue with them about how we really did makes changes to our account last month, of which they now have no record. It always ends up with cingular throwing us some little bone and giving us attitude when they’re in the wrong and clearly loosing customer records every month.

My friend Ed went to Hawaii. Before he went we looked up the hotel on the internet and they’re hi-speed access was like $9.99 a day… He was going to be there 15 days so that would have way to expensive. So I’m like… Just add unlimited MeDIA to your Cingular account and connect through your phone. At that time he still had an AT&T; account and wasn’t going to change any time in the near future, so we called AT&T; and waited through THEIR Bermuda voice- mail triangle and got the laptop paired with the phone and boom, he’s connected.

Then he dropped his phone in the Chicken Salad at his Subway restaurant. He went to get a new phone and came back with a new black Razr and a Cingular account. So we again, went thought the drama and got his phone working and MeDia added to his account. He gets back from Hawaii and gets his Cingular bill. The charged him over $300 in usage charges while he’s there in Hawaii.

Fucking bastards.

He’s on the phone with them almost an hour. Long story short, they took off half… Which is mighty white of them considering they fucked up.

I’m starting to think of them as the Microsoft of cell phones… no matter what the question with their service or the problem with their product, the answer is just to pay them more money.