08 August 2005

It seems like only yesterday we were introduced to David, Nate, Ruth, Clair, Nathaniel, and the entire Fisher clan. I had just come out and my dealings with the church made me empathize with David’s struggle with being gay as well as my desire to have sex with keith. My alienation from my family made me empathize with Nate. Each character had something unique in Television: a soul. Last night the realization that it was ending came to the surface with Nate’s Feuneral.

I was a balling mess of tears on the floor.

How can you put into words what it means to you when entertainment so mirrors the thougths of your own soul that you desperately wish you had written it.

I’ve been with you during the bad episodes: David’s abduction and Nate’s multiple infidelities, clair’s navel-gazing art-school days and ruth’s acid- trip episode. I’ve reveled in the good and sometimes even great episodes… as last night’s was.

But I think mostly I’ll just miss the company. The company of the fishers… I feel like I was only just getting to know you.

Last night as Ruth patiently waited for david to compose himself and then led him by the hand to bury his brother, I knew it’s days were numbered.

Each moment is precious and there are only 2 hours left.

You tell the stories and emotions of my life and will be sorely missed