26 July 2005

so I get off work early friday afternoon to go finish taking care of the driver’s license mess. The boss promises to pay me via paypal, which means when i’m in funds, i’ll get an email on my blackberry stating such.

Traffic is a mess. I’m on the buss on the way to tyrone and as I get closer and closer, still no email. I text the boss. No reply

Finally I get to the DMV and get a number and get in line only to discover he sent the money to my Bank of America which is tied to my visa card. The DMV doesn’t take visa. They take Mastercard, but they don’t take Visa. I tell the receptionist that I have to go get money because I don’t have any in the account tied to my MC. I rush out the door and down to BA. Try to take out money and their ATM is not working correctly. I go inside and the teller is more than happy to give me $250.

So I schlep back 3 blocks in the hot sun back to the DMV, sweating like a whore in church the whole way.

They’re closed.The doors are locked.

I begin tapping on the window. This is where my god-given pushy-ness comes in handy. The guy sticks his head outside the door and I explain the situation. He asks the receptionist and the receptionist confirms. There’s one guy left in the Driver’s License area. Ten minutes later, I have a license again. Praise Jesus.

I call my friend Amy who’s having trouble with her 20” imac (and with her 12 year old daughter, which is a problem I CAN’T help her with) and I go over there, fix the printer issue and a couple of other minor things. The daughter now has a pet RAT… I silently, yet again, thank God I’m gay… Amy runs me home. Edward texts that the exchange server at the office is going crazy and he won’t be leaving any time soon… that’s what you get for trusting your enterprise’s communication to exchange server. I do corn dogs at the Dairy Inn for dinner. I’m celebrating. Even though it’s only 3 blocks, I drive it with the A/C and my iPod blasting.