07 June 2005

I have this fantasy of going to a fabulous city I’ve never been to like london or something and opening a southern-style barbeque and calling it BIG TEXAS BAR-B-Q… Using the almost universal recognition of texas’ association with all things big and the recipes of my youth and that I learned while living in nashville. Selling american culture around the globe has become easier even as selling american politics has become more difficult. I think it could work.

Anyway, it’s my fantasy to one day open a restaurant. To create the menu myself and develop the concept start to finish the way my fellow pinellas countians the Hooters 6 did in the eighties and to develop it into a national brand.

Its funny how tampabay has spawned 3 or 4 different restaurant fortunes… Hooters, the Outback, Carrabbas, Bennigans, hops… I think I can do it and I think I can do it from here. The question is, will I?

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