26 May 2005

In the tv show babylon 5 there was a race of alians who believed that conflict was the key to change. They believed that only through creating conflict did history advance. I believe there’s some truth to that. The more I see the situation in the middle east the more I believe before 911 that it was in a state of false conflict. Ruling parties with ideals and mindsets based in the logic of the middle ages force or convince their children into subjegating their lives for the ideal of either islam or judeaism or christianity. That’s why the second gulf war was necessary. To bring the conflict to a crucible and change the mindset of leadership. I’m fascinated with the stories I see coming out of finatical islamic countries of youth creating a society that is more and more free. Unfortunately, saudi arabia will lean only to late that the only constant in history is change. Their islamic religious police will be swept away as we install our christian ones here in america and cycles of crisis continue to swell and turn the axle of history. Many christians believe that we are in the end times, but Christ himself said that nation would rise against nation and ruler overturn rule and this was the stuff of human history, “but the end is not yet.” Cycle after cycle of humans forced to a dramatic crisis….. But without conflict there is no story.

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